About Us

ADNAN ASWAD ENGINEERING CONSULTANS LLC. Is considered as one of the leading architectural consulting firms in Iraq if not the first; because of the accumulated experience it has in many engineering fields and also by the presence and support of its talented architects and engineers collaborated during the last ten years.

We shall be in Abu Dhabi as we are in Iraq since 1970 standing behind most prestigious architectural and engineering achievements as well as property development.

Our goal is perfection in design and exploring and developing local style.

We are qualified to be committed with any size, type and cost of Architectural design projects and presenting them in significant image.

Our vision is to continually implement and maintain the highest levels of quality integrity and dependability and efficiency in the services that we provide to our valued customers and community.


Mr. ADNAN ASWAD was graduated from the department of Architecture of the Engineering College, University of Baghdad, June 1965. He started his professional career during and after his study by joining one of the professional architectural firms for a period of nine years, working as a trainee and later under the name of ADNAN ASWAD ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS LLC.

Since then, the firm designed many different types of projects and participated in most of the architectural competitions held by the governmental directories alone or with collaboration of foreign firms.

At the same time Mr. Aswad had been a significant sculptor in Iraq where had participated in most of national exhibitions since 1984 when he held his first one-man exhibition.

  • Abu Dhabi-Rashid Bin Saeed St.- Harib Al Uteiba Building-Flat#202.

  • Iraq-Baghdad-Al wahda Quarter-Neigh No 902-St # 6–11

  • Iraq- Arbil

  • Fax:+971 2 6328350     Email:aswaduae@eim.ae